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Hayley Smith

Hayley Smith is a Perth-based artist passionate about engaging and collaborating with local businesses and communities to create large- scale public murals for all to enjoy.
She specialises in painting ocean themes, native flora and fauna, using vibrant colour schemes and bold lines to depict the natural environment.

Hayley is originally from Port Stephens, a small town on the east coast of Australia. Creating art since she first picked up a set of crayons at 18 months old, Hayley was influenced by the many local artists who painted the beautiful ocean scenery and hillside.

Her father was friends with the late Kim Nelson, an Australian artist known for his range of classical, abstract and symbolism in art. Kim’s inspiring work played a deep role in building her aspirations to become an artist.

Hayley was first approached in 2017 by the owner of the Oily George in Georgetown, NSW, to paint a mural for the established café. The project illuminated murals as an engaging and accessible medium to becoming a professional artist and creative.

The rest is history…